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released 19 March 2013



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feeds for this album, this artist
if she doesn’t really wanna get it i can understand
but i don’t think that the means really justify the end
even if you try to think about it can you comprehend
why youre wasting all this time when you wanna get it in

tell that bitch it’s time to go, you don’t wanna take it slow
she’s probably gonna say no, probably gon take off her clothes
take her by the hand, take her to the bed
let her give you head cos its what she wants tho

it’s not your fault that you’re better than that
it’s not your fault you’re already on your back
it’s not your fault every single time you walk outside
another bitch is on your dick and begging you for a ride

and even though her friend told her that you take it inside
she seems to think that she’s above and she calls it a night
but the truth is that she’ll really make you wanna die
to the point that you leave and give her no alibi

you want it like that right?
you look how i like
your cum’s all on my
chest and my eyes
text me pictures of yourself in the mirror
hand around my cock i feel like im the driver im steering
im tearing up when my phone lights up and i am reeling
at you feeling like youre so fucked up, pony up and buck

your skin’s so nice even a closeup of it would suffice
im usually a lot more picky but you transcend price
pick up a sharpie write an S on your chest
and then an L U T, and K I L L me

and it’s lucky for me that you wanna fuck for free
because your pretty yellow back’s like nothing i’ve seen
not even photoshop could modify this fantasy
not only am i awake but youre fast asleep

you look filthy in submission but you make it work
even though you like it i still get off when youre hurt
nothings ever been more perfect than whats on my screen
you turn me to a fiend, youre my azn sex dream

is it wrong for me to say it like that
i don’t really care, i just want you on your back
amylase inside your eyes wide cry
from the beauty of the knowledge that your new god has imparted
and then just let your saliva break it down
let the enzymes in your saliva turn the money to a smile from a frown

cut a hole inside my throat and stick your dick inside
take a minute let me show you what i take in stride
and take inside like a pro since i was eight years old
the internet is in my blood and now it’s on your nose

it’s what i wanted all along just to make you hard
and get you off and run my mouth along your broken arm
and then around your back and drink all of your sweat up
and feel your fist inside my eyes so i can catch up
bite your tongue inside and then open your mouth look what you got
a little bit of lube but not really cos it just dries you out
just kidding i dont really participate in that scary stuff
but when you write about it it sounds so edgy as fuck

mostly i’m okay, if you maybe just wanna play
you can go home at eight, it’ll still be your birthday
we can shower together and youll be off on your way
i promise i’ll never say that you were in my bed today

tell all your friends about how you love eating pussy
and then whisper to your girlfriend that you want to eat her pussy
and finger her pussy and pretend to get pushy
when everybody’s looking cos then nobody is looking

for you to drop your wrists and look at boys’ fists
and accidentally lisp and accidentally miss
when you’re blackout drunk off of water and cum
and some boxer briefs full of pheromones

it’s funny how you spend so much time at the gym working out
and everybody thinks that you do it to make her happy but
nothing turns you on like a locker room while you sweat it out
the truth is that you really are nothing but a selfish slut
every single time every little lie
every smile with your face white
think of what your dad would say
if he knew where you’d been today

maybe he’d grab the belt for old time’s sake
and maybe you’d bend over cos you want it b

and you’d cry, let him think he did his job
but it’s really cos you’re wishing that the belt was his cock
you can’t help it discipline gets you off
take advantage of the shame while you’re hard
Track Name: FAG SWAG
i’m a rhetor
and a retard
like a clean whore
cleaning in a leotard

i reject porn
when i’m done ejaculating
and then i reflect on
all the time i spend on hating

cos i’m not the type to resist a fight
and i’m dumb enough to end up all alone at night
so i never turn the lights out unti it’s light out
and if i am on your floor it doesn’t have to feel right

if any narcissists are feeling so inclined though
i’m always online cos do i have a life no
come onto my tumblr and call me a psycho
i promise to respond it’ll be fun for us both

you don’t need to try, cos you cant even cry
when all you do is shine i start to wonder why
youre not stupid right, you got it figured out
when i made you look, you couldn’t even lie

but if it’s looking like your bitch is serious about getting anorexic and rich
tell her to say goodbye whenever i say hi cos her boyfriend’s disguised as bi
whenever she’s by herself she yells and tells herself she doesnt need help
attention whore dropped her white flag, but she can see her boy’s got fag swag
im just tryna find some time
tryna line my stars without getting hit by cars
that i cant drive at night or alone
i just sit at home wishing i could
bone every guy that i see online
cos if he’s fine then he’s fine
and also will not be mine
i draw the line i got work to get
but instead i stay on the internet when
i should med myself into not being fed
to increase my chances of getting head
from cute teenage boys and rich old men
who like to spend all of their cred
on getting slutty twinks into their beds
or their dungeons in the woods
where they take little boys for good
and when he tells me that i should take my hood off
i’ll fantasize about how i wish he would stop
talking about all the things that could not
ever compare to me but he’s a good top
ten contender for me
my head is so foggy cos he
bangs it on the bedpost when he’s
all the way inside me

i think that i should be in his place
because i really dont wanna play
if i’m not winning this powergame
feel his tongue go right up in flames

i drink his cum and taste all the shame
can you blame him when you think about why he came
skullfucked to death take the brain
like he takes dick sucks it down champagne
cos even though he feels the pain he likes to feign a smile for me
faggot in denial bleeding out and he is so horny
rinse him off and put him back on the shelf til morning
take him down and he adores me
keep him there until he’s boring
find a new one and ignore him
Track Name: NINTENDxxx64
i don’t really like talking about this
and it’s probably better if i delete this
but you came up on my buddy list
so i’ll deal with the embarassment

i think you’re nice and i like your inflection
and whenever you speak i start to get an erection
and you pay me attention and you give me affection
or i guess i just pretend because i need a connection

and every day i think about your name
and get distracted by it when i’m playing videogames
the thought of giving you brain while you’re so ashamed
turns me on just like thinking about you in pain

you’d probably look fuckin adorable
squirming in the back seat of a convertible
uncomfortable nonconsensual
‘d say your eyes but your words were amicable

i guess i’m getting too ahead of myself
you probably don’t even like me not to mention yourself
enough to send me all the pictures that i’d want to help
you take and then masturbate to, thinking how your body felt

i’m sorry what i’m really trying to say
is that i’d really like to date you and i hope that youre gay
and if you’re not then that’s okay, cos i’ll change you one day
and if you are then i hope you’ll say you feel the same

and either way we can fuck it doesn’t mean anything
it’s 2012 we can fuck without a lisp or an earring
it’s 2012 so we should fuck you don’t wanna die as a virgin
we’re not twelve, you should tell the truth, i’m so horny
comatose smoking rock hard in his flop flops
your man’s lips locked while youre at home knocked
it’s kind of a regular thing at night and i hear my phone ring
and who could it be, a delusional whore’s king

but i cant call him a king right if his throne is my dick like
is he really a man if im inside him again
he’s certainly not yours, collared on all fours
and did you buy his cologne? it’s making me wanna bone

he used to be so tight when i laid him down
but now he’s kind of a slut, begs one more round
and then i tell him to go, i see him start to frown
you probably get that a lot, especially when he goes down

how ugly do you feel when you see him cringe
at the sight of your breasts and then he sticks his tongue in
you pretend to moan to make him feel like a man
but your body is still, youve done all that you can

and he sticks it out when you tell him stick it in
he thinks your pussy is gross haha im just saying
he says goodbye and you kiss him goodnight
keys in his left hand texting with his right

i feel my phone vibrate inside my jeans
and so i take them off because he likes a tease
i open up a drawer and get the vaseline
and a blanket so he doesnt burn his knees

and then he’s at my door and then he’s in my room
and then he’s on my bed and i’ll be on him soon
face down suffocating he’s kind of cute
my tongue between his legs he turns to red from blue

he bites his pillow tight cos i eat him right
he moans like you did when youre alone at night
and then he feels my dick on the back of his thigh
he begs me to fuck him quick and i tell him that i might

and that he’s just a slut and then he sort of cries
and then i start to fuck, he gets cold and sighs
and when i’m ready to nut i put him on his back
and cum all on his face so he knows he’s mine