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released August 28, 2013



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$WAGGOT & KOKAYNA Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: SEX PUPPY
sex puppy i wanna watch you beg
for a bone we can play fetch
turn your arms into legs
and then climb up into my bed
sex puppy i know you wanna play
well lucky you today's your day
i got you a collar with your name
it says "jack's favorite slave"

and you are
you're a shiny little star
turn you on and you beg to be
driven like a car
and you are
you're ridden til you're put in park
and then i listen to you bark
and i unzip you like a .rar

and you are
in all the pictures in the dark
and tied up in the backyard
and thinking of it gets me hard
and you are
so good so far
you are
so good so far

sex puppy you can purr like a cat
i'll pretend it makes sense when u do that
it's so sexy when you fake sad, it's so
sexy when you look mad
leashed to the bed #semenfacedd

with a baseball cap
turned around to the back
you're a picture perfect brat
and you take it like a champ

and you take it like a man
just kidding, that's a sham
what kinda man
likes taking dick from the back

but you really are a good boy
you get rewarded with a chew toy
you leave my furniture destroyed
but youre so cute im not even annoyed
Track Name: my tumblr (feat. Baby Tap & WiFi Princess)
im on tumblr im on tumblr
you can follow me on my tumblr
i got twenty million followers
and youre hearing this cos theyre reblogging it
im on tumblr im on tumblr
im up all night in the summer
on my tumblr on my tumblr
you can follow me on my tumblr

my best friends my tv shows
my favorite porn on my tumblr
more than anyone should ever know
about me on my tumblr
my ask box is never full
i want questions on tumblr
tempted to take off my clothes
to get attention on tumblr

where i have i been where will i go
it's all on my tumblr
no one ever tells me no
when i go on tumblr
except social justice bloggers
who post hate on tumblr
they point out my ignorance
so thanks for that tumblr

im on tumblr im on tumblr
you can follow me on my tumblr
i got twenty million followers
and youre hearing this cos theyre reblogging it
im on tumblr im on tumblr
im up all night in the summer
on my tumblr on my tumblr
you can follow me on my tumblr

Fall into another world, Hexagon lite
And the pastel witch dolls shine bright
Take me back to an age of rage
as I shiver so cold as the suffering sage
The mountain in the sky Into space, fly
Aliens beam ray-light to my third eye
Turn me down cos I know too much
And I cast down, settle upon the page I love
I love what makes you yummy
It gives me fucking funnies
Until I learn about your needs and your wants
You like money I'm like hell, no
You've got to go cos you shimmy and smash big ass like a wet ho
Soak it up in the sunshine
So planetary and our souls align
And our worlds collide
And our world's divine
Like all the time and I make you mine
I'm on Tumblr and I rumble numb on my my Tumblr
And I fumble on my Tumblr
And I fumble dick on my Tumblr
And I look for love
And I hook the sun
And I rook the pun
And I jook the one
Everybody go to my Tumblr
im aching for head like a concussion
bitch is mad cos i sold my virginity to her husband,
i need to cum before i open it up for discussion
but when i do i’ll probably turn away and feel disgusting

is it cool with you if i stay inside of you while im coming
would it bother you if i put my headphones on while you fuck me
is it ugly on the inside if i like it when you cry
of course it’s not because a stranger on tumblr held a sign

that said i’m beautiful and nobody could tell me otherwise
and i was like golly and then i started to wonder why
such an original and wonderful person would have the time
to even try to effect such an amazing change in my life

like damn what a fucking hero on tumblr saving lives
like if i hadnt seen your awesome 8 and a half by 11.5
wide sign i would probably be hanging from my bedroom light
with my face turning the color of the head of my uuhhhhh

im in a little bit of a little predicament
and its getting me sick of it and im feeling so bitter and
im fuckin addicted and i am so fucking jittery
and its taking every ounce of self control to not obliterate

a couple of fucking faggot scavengers on my twitter feed
im paranoid half to death and the anxiety
is killing me a milion and twenty seven times faster
than i ever could in my bedroom on my computer when i

get on the internet and im giving an intimate
internet blowjob to an internet enemy
with a mouth full of razors and i kill all my friends again
and i do it again and again like smoking a cigarette

like i know that im killing myself but im in the moment and well
as long as im living and feeling literally everything
ill be doing everything in my power to get control of it
cos im a control freak i am very controlling

you can ask any one of the boys that ive been alone with
im really all about myself if they allow it and ive
got a really terrible habit of being unapologetic
when i call him pathetic the only way it gets better

is when i promise i meant it and promise i dont regret it
and promise i’ll never cherish his tarnished offer for head
i’m going to hell. the truth is irrelevant.
it’s all i got to sell, so ill never tell
Track Name: #FreeJahar (feat. KOKAYNA)
a boy so cute couldnt do
what they say on the news
ill never be the president
i'll be his gay prostitute
just to get closer to
my public enemy muse
plus i mean who wouldn't love
to see obama's nudes

and plus who doesnt love an
underdog story or two
a pair of brothers on the run
while everyone stays glued
to their twitters and their scanners
thinking theyre the news
fucking disgusting what they
wrote about that boy sunil

whether they wanna admit it
they love it so much it's sick
and they know as soon as they catch him
they'll take the fun away with him

i dont care if you did it
if you get aquitted
im waiting outside the courtroom
when youre ready to hit it

im not a crazy bitch
or some conspiracy theorist
im really only after one thing
and that's your dick

i know that you were acting
crazy for a minute but
im sure youd never hurt me
if we were just trying to fuck

im not like the other white
whores on your hastag
i need a man who DOES
like it rough and thats why

i need you to get out of there
and come terrorize
my body so good
that it makes me wanna cry

nobody wants to admit it
but they're so happy it's sick
youve given them a perfect
opportunity to be different

but i dont care if you didnt
if you get aquitted
im waiting outside the courtoom
when youre ready to hit it
Track Name: SKULL (prod. celluloi)
he hates the taste of his cum
that’s why he wont put his tongue
inside my skull when he’s done
that’s whenever we’re alone

i suck him and suck him and
i even fuck him he wont
look me in the eyes until i’m
already cumming

he likes his boys like his porn
with the volume down
while he blogs about himself
and tries to sound forlorn

he likes his funerals before
he gets out of work
he likes to mourn in the morning
'til he's home at four

he needs an audience for sure
to insure it hurts
unless the auditorium is full
it just wont work

we could fuck until he was sore
but he’d still want more
so desensitized from the porn
i wanna bleed him raw

he is everything that i want
and yet he’s still a whore
the attention that i give him
isn’t enough anymore

when i get with you i
know that i’m too quick to
say that im so into
the things that you want to
do im so desperate to
keep you in my bedroom
til its too late for you
to go home so that youll

sleep with me tonight by my side
and i’ll keep you right in my sight
i’ll be watching until it’s light
out when youre asleep it just might

be the only time in your life
that the innocence in your eyes
isnt nothing but a lie
and your angelic outside

is an accurate cover
you said i was like a brother
the first time i came over
to your house in the summer

and by the end of the night
i was anything but your brother
i’d be anything you ask for
as long as no one came after

i would call you master
i would live on your mattress
i would kill my whole family
if you would kill all the others

that you text on your phone
who ask you if you’re alone
you tell them you’re not home
and then you fuck my skull

i barely feel it at all
even the back of my throat
you tell me open and show
you wanna hear me choke

i’d like to hear that too
i’d like like for you to know
that if you want me to choke
you’d be the way that i chose

you’d be the way that i chose
final breath through my nose
with you inside of my skull
with you inside of my skull
Track Name: ANGEL CUM
the only thing i wanna do more than fuck you
is watch you masturbate alone in your bedroom
cos for some strange reason i have this delusion
that the image of a boy jacking off in solitude

is the clearest window to the purest part of his soul
and if i like him hard enough i get convinced that he’s special
and that he must touch himself just like an angel
fresh out of the shower wet eyes that sparkle

clean body glistenining representative
of the sacred insides deserving to be worshiped
i just want my face pressed against your chest
where i can wait to catch the very first drop of sweat

but im convinced that if i could watch
the way that you breathe when you jack off
without even a single passing thought
about my eyes fixated on your cock

that i’d maybe find some sort of enlightenment
bearing witness to your somnolent sacrament
your unfazed libidinal fulfillment
elevating my consciousness

i wouldnt ever need to touch anything else
i could die in that moment and go straight to hell
the videos in my brain just for myself
i would treasure far more than my own health

at night i would pray to your hormones
grateful for what they had bestowed
candlelight vigils in honor of your eros
for making my life meaningful
Track Name: SNAPCHAT (feat. KOKAYNA)
snapchat your face to me baby
and i'll make a face at you maybe
and screencap you and make you hate me
and thats fine i like when you hate me

snapchat me when you get home tonight
in your bedroom in the dimming sunlight
i like the way that your window shines
with your phone up high taken in one try

and im terrified that it'll get by
and that i'll fuck it up before i get to save it in time
but then i wonder why because it's really alike
the last five ive got saved on my hard drive

but i send one back and you send one back
and i am hoping that youll accidentally send one at
me that you really meant to go to your boyfriend that
you really shouldnt send someone unless they ask

but if i only have to ask, then consider it asked
i really want for you to snapchat me your ass
so that i can screencap that and jack
off to it every night and yeah

snapchat your face to me baby
and i'll make a face at you maybe
and screencap you and make you hate me
and thats fine i like when you hate me

snapchat me your eyes from your job
or i'll cry til you finally take a day off for me
i can see the vines that youre posting
stop fucking lying and put your body on my screen

or i'll kill myself
not really it's a cry for help
but either way my words are heartfelt
cant you tell?

plz snapchat me some nudes 2 my phone
i promise i wont save them i promise that im alone
cos i really cant wait for you to come home
but you can make me cum just using your phone

what are you afraid of, dont you trust me
you know id never use it against you baby
dont you want me, to be, happy?
i'll know it's real when you send something incriminating
Track Name: RAGNAROK
what am i supposed to say when you look like that
i don’t even know my name when you look like that
i don’t even feel ashamed when you look like that
it’s kinda hard to place blame when you look like that

i just wanna pick you up in my ragnarok
and take you out into space and look at the stars
and then when that gets boring and you’ve had enough
ill ask you if instead you wanna look at my cock

there isn’t any part of you that i can see
that i don’t wanna taste and feel
you’re a god-sent masterpiece
and i wanna stay inside you until it bleeds

look how you lay on your back in peace
while you drip sweat and my seed
you do it so naturally
like you’re modeling
i like my soundcloud
and my soundcloud hates me
it doesnt update me
it really frustrates me
it rate limits my messages
and sends emails late to me
but i made new friends
so i still use it daily

im seapunk and im icepunk
and im witchhouse and im turnt up
and im broken down and im burnt out
but its like shut the fuck up

its hard picking a genre
cos like hows anyone gonna find this stuff
and then when someone finally does
it's just a fucking spambot

i just cant complain enough
about the fucking spambots
like just when you think youre getting love
its just some stupid fucking cunt

with two songs that both suck
that i cant get through half of
and theyve got 10,000 more followers
than ive ever dreamed of
i deleted my heart
and i really want it back
i dont wanna feel like
i might be a sociopath

i deleted my heart
i was young and impulsive
i would download another
im afraid that it wouldnt fit

it got a virus around the time that i
was in the eighth grade
it was really an awkward stage
and i needed the space

thats what i get for illegally
downloading sad songs
and spending all of my alone time
looking at porn

and talking to strangers
until 3am
and bullying stupid bitches
under a fake screen name

and now i’ll have the space to install
apathy 2006
and 6000 gigabytes
of boys sucking dick

i deleted my heart
and i really want it back
i dont wanna feel like
i might be a sociopath

i deleted my heart
i was young and impulsive
i would download another
im afraid that it wouldnt fit

i feel like im on autopilot
when i go out sometimes
and then the other times
are when i just stay inside

i dont know why i am the way
i am but if i could understand
it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t
help find a way to end

all the paranoid discomfort
thats inside of my head
but to be honest its also the meds
that put me on edge

i just wanna feel feelings
and not border on obsession
with giving the right impression
and if he hates me ill let him

i deleted my heart
and i really want it back
i dont wanna feel like
i might be a sociopath

i deleted my heart
i was young and impulsive
i would download another
im afraid that it wouldnt fit
Track Name: BROKEN PET
the way that you taste is probably why it feels
like your cum’s been laced with chamomile
nothing is real, blood turnt teal
nothing to steal, let go of the wheel

i want us to die together in here
i’m happy alive but i’m alive with fear
the happiest lie that i’ll ever hear
is that you are mine regardless of if i’m near

so if my demise is really going to be
any second, am i going to fall asleep
fast enough to find you in my final dreams
the happiest lie; you put your tongue on me

i dont wanna die but i want you with me
if i only kill you, what would i tell the police
it’s so romantic and i think youd probably agree
put it in drive and then fuck me to sleep

and if i wake up again
i’m really afraid you’ll wanna be just friends
maybe you wont be awake, youll be unconscious and then
i’ll sit by your bed and wait every day until when

your body starts to shake and your coma ends
they’ll tell me that it’s rape when i unzip your pants
but when you come back and say you liked the orgasm
and that you couldnt repay me for all that ive done

and i’ll tell you it’s okay, the only thing i want
is for you to say that i am what you want
and every other you may ever think you want
youll never look away cos i am what you want

i think i must have incurred a lot of head trauma
dystopian ambiance or just my school alarm or

i wanna turn around i wanna fall down dead
i wanna be face down in a hospital bed
i wanna be put down like a broken pet
i wanna be held down i wanna be force fed

i wanna be face down in a hospital bed
i wanna be put down like a broken pet